Association Between Speed, Repeated Sprint Ability and Aerobic Endurance Parameters in Professional Greek Soccer Players

Stefanos Volianitis, Giorgos Bakas, Andreas D. Flouris, Konstantinos Famisis


We examined the association between speed, repeated sprint ability (RSA), and aerobic endurance parameters. At the beginning of the preparation period, 18 professional soccer players performed a speed test to determine first step quickness (5 m), acceleration (10 m) and maximal speed (30 m) performance, an RSA test consisting of 6 x 40 m with 20s active recovery, and an incremental treadmill test to determine endurance parameters (velocity at 2mM (V2), 4mM (V4) lactate and maximal velocity (Vpeak)). Best time in a single trial (RSAbest) was moderately correlated to Vpeak (r=-0.36; 90%CL, -0.66 to 0.05) and 30 m (r=0.32; 90%CL, -0.09 to 0.34). Mean RSA was almost perfectly correlated to RSAbest (r=0.93; 90%CL, 0.84 to 0.94), and moderately correlated to V4 (r=-0.46; 90%CL, -0.73 to 0.07) and Vpeak (r=-0.42; 90%CL, -0.70 to 0.02). Percent speed decrement (%dec) was moderately correlated to V2 (r=-0.36; 90%CL, -0.66 to 0.05) and to V4 (r=-0.32; 90%CL, -0.64 to 0.09) expressed as % of Vpeak. These findings indicate that, at the start of the preparation period, RSA is more related to aerobic endurance than speed parameters in professional Greek soccer players.

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